ABOUT Axonerve

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Axonerve = axon (軸索) + nerve (神経)



Axonerve = axon + nerve
Axonerve is an algorithmic table search engine IP core with wildcard search function. Targeting for FPGA-based applications such as Networking (Telecom Carrier, Data Center) and High Performance Computing.

Key feature
> Low Latency   > High Throughput
> Huge Entries   > Wildcard Search

Axonerve = axon + nerve
Entry capacity Search latency Search speed Target Applications
up to 1M (BRAM model)
up to 64M (HBM model)
120ns (BRAM model)
600ns Ave (HBM model)
Fully Pipelined Architecture
over 150Msps
  • NFV/SDN U-Plane Accelerator
  • 5G Mobile Core/Access Network
  • Session Accelerator for Firewall
  • Access Control List
  • KVS Accelerator
  • Load balancer
  • Deep Packet Inspection
Key length Operations NFV/SDN friendly
144 / 288 / 576 / 1152bits Write / Search / Delete Read
  • Wildcard search
  • Priority function
  • Long key search